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  • How am I refunded for a product I returned?

    If the product is in perfect condition with its original packaging, there won’t be any problems. Nevertheless, there are certain exceptions you should know about. The refund method may vary, depending on the return method:

    • Returns at centres: The amount is refunded at the same time the product is returned, except for products that are subject to “`special conditions” (this phrase appears in the product information; at the top of the sales receipt, you will also find one of the following acronyms: “E.DIG” or “MKTP”). These products are inspected at our warehouses prior to issuing a refund.
    • Returns with home collection or with Correos/Celéritas: The amount is refunded in full following inspection at one of our warehouses. For products sold by third parties or Market Place (identified by the phrase “sold by...” followed by the name of the seller or by the acronym “MKTP”), the amount is also refunded following inspection at the supplier’s warehouses.

    Under the terms of Royal Decree 1/2007, the amount will be refunded via the same payment method you used to make the original purchase. If you paid using Cash on Delivery, the refund will be made via bank transfer. Direct costs of the return will be added, when applicable. In addition, any costs related to disassembly or uninstallation will be borne by the customer.

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