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El Corte Inglés.El Corte Inglés group has put in place a diversification strategy as well as a specialisation policy, which has resulted in the creation of a variety of commercial formats. Each of the strands is designed to meet the demands of a certain market segment.

El Corte Inglés is the Group's main line of business and the widest ranging format, as it is based on the department store model, which encompasses all types of products and services, from the latest trends in fashion and accessories to sporting goods, cultural products, electronics, household goods and food.

Hipercor, the hypermarket chain, also offers a wide range of products based on the best quality-to-price ratio format. The other formats fall within the specialisation policy, and this puts them at the forefront of their respective sectors, such as travel, IT, telephones, insurance,  supermarkets, opticians, fashion and DIY.
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