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El Corte Inglés - Corporate Information

The hypermarket chain offers quality self-service

Hipercor began in Seville in the early 1980s to meet new consumer requirements. Since then, it has consolidated its position as one of the Group's major chains.

Hipercor Puerto VeneciaOn 5 September 1980, El Corte Inglés group launched a new format in Seville to satisfy the needs of a rapidly growing and diversifying society, with constantly changing habits and behaviours. The first Hipercor was created along similar lines to those of traditional hypermarkets, both in terms of its location, implementation and internal layout. However, the selection was more extensive, with the characteristic El Corte Inglés quality and guarantee.

With the aim of enabling the new distribution company to benefit from this positive image, a logo was chosen that was very similar to that of El Corte Inglés, with a blue triangle instead of a green one. 

The second Hipercor unit opened three years later in Jerez. A policy similar to that of the El Corte Inglés supermarkets was followed, with the idea of recreating its pleasant shopping atmosphere, but with a very competitive price policy and high quality in all products in general and in fresh products in particular. The objective was to create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere for the customer.

Gradually, new centres were opened in Oviedo, Barcelona, Granada, etc. At the same time, the hypermarket format was adapted to meet customers' new needs and demands.

Building work began on three-level centres near the town centre. The traditional sales room remained under a self-service system and, having greater space at its disposal, had new areas incorporated into it dedicated to fashion, accessories, household items and leisure outside the hypermarket.

All of this variety and selection is demonstrated in the wide range of products, are among the features that set us apart from our competitors

Hipercor is known for the wide choice it offers customers, with a broad selection of national, international, regional and local products, and for its exceptional value for money in food and fresh products as well as toiletries, textiles and household goods. All of this variety and selection is demonstrated in the wide range of products stocked in Hipercor stores and is one of the features that sets us apart from our competitors.

Company information

  • Legal Name: Hipercor, S.A.
  • Legal Address: Hermosilla, 112. 28009 Madrid.
  • E-mail: servicio_clientes@elcorteingles.es
  • Telephone: Atención al Cliente: 901 122 122
  • Corporate Tax No.: A - 28642866
  • Madrid Companies Register: Volume 5,245 General Section 3 of the Company Book, Page 41601, File 143.
  • Website: www.hipercor.es
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