Mosby'S Textbook For Long-Term Care Nursing Assistants - E-Book (ebook)

Mosby'S Textbook For Long-Term Care Nursing Assistants - E-Book (ebook)

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Mosby’s Textbook for Long-Term Care Nursing Assistants clearly and comprehensively addresses current responsibilities of the nursing assistant working in a long-term care setting. Written at a 7th grade reading level, in an appealing visual format, this text addresses the needs of learners of all levels. More than 100 procedures provide clear instructions for completing skills in manageable segments for easier learning. The newly updated companion CD contains over 25 animated procedures with exercises and an audio glossary to assist the multi-modal learner.7th grade reading level promotes comprehension in all levels of learners including ESL students.OBRA and CMS content highlights OBRA and CMS requirements for providing care.Quality-of-Life boxes in each chapter and content throughout reinforce the importance of promoting residents’ rights and enhancing the quality of life while providing care.Over 100 procedures with detailed step-by-step instructions for completing nursing assistant skills in manageable segments for easier learning.NNAAP certification exam icons alert you to skills tested on the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program and state certification exams.Promotion Safety and Comfort boxes offer guidelines for practicing safe and effective care to enhance patient safety and comfort.Residents with Dementia boxes provide specific considerations for safe and effective care of residents with dementia that help you meet the special needs of residents with dementia.Focus on Rehabilitation boxes clarify considerations and insights about rehabilitation and restorative care.Delegation Guidelines boxes highlight nursing assistant responsibilities for delegated tasks to better prepare you to deliver safe and effective care.Caring About Culture boxes illustrate examples of cultural and ethnic beliefs and customs to help you become a more sensitive care provider.Focus on Communication boxes emphasize importance of good communication and provide practical tips to help you communicate more effectively and confidently.Teamwork and Time Management boxes supply specific guidelines to help nursing assistants provide excellent, efficient care and cooperation among members of health care team.NEW! Video clip icons in the procedures alert you to video clips on the accompanying Evolve site to enhance your learning from the brand-new edition of Mosby’s Nursing Assistant Video Skills.Procedure icons next to content headings alert you to related procedures.Review questions at the end of each chapter help you evaluate learning.

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Mosby'S Textbook For Long-Term Care Nursing Assistants - E-Book (ebook)


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