The Complete Guide To Psychiatric Drugs (ebook)

The Complete Guide To Psychiatric Drugs (ebook)

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TAKE AN ACTIVE ROLE IN YOUR MENTAL HEALTHBoth easy to use and highly informative, The Complete Guide to Psychiatric Drugs is an indispensable reference for both patients and professionals. Now in a revised and expanded edition, this up-to-date handbook supplies current information on the newest and most commonly used psychiatric drugs as well as the latest details regarding side effects, dosages, and precautions.Drawing upon his years of experience helping patients understand their illnesses and take charge of their treatments, top expert Dr. Edward Drummond covers vital topics that include:* Is medication for you?* What to discuss with your doctor before starting medication* Do psychiatric drugs pose extra risks for you?* How to start, monitor, and stop your medication* Psychiatric syndromes and their treatmentThe book also explores non-drug therapies such as dietary treatments, exercise, relaxation techniques, meditation, and self-hypnosis as well as information on how to combine drug, non-drug, and alternative therapies for maximum benefit.The Complete Guide to Psychiatric Drugs: Straight Talk for Best Results, Revised and Expanded Edition gives you the facts so you can get better, with straight talk on the best new treatments for:* Anxiety* Panic Attacks* Agoraphobia and Phobias* Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder* Generalized Anxiety Disorder* Posttraumatic Stress Disorder* Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder* Bipolar Disorder and Mood Swings* Depression* Asperger's Syndrome* Autism* Pervasive Developmental Disorder* Drug Dependence* Anorexia* Bulimia* Binge-Eating Disorder* Insomnia* Acute Psychosis* Schizophrenia* Schizoaffective Disorder* Delusional Disorder* Alzheimer's Disease.

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The Complete Guide To Psychiatric Drugs (ebook)


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