Sky On Friday (ebook)

Sky On Friday (ebook)

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Friendship, life skills and an environmental message are presented in fun adventures to captivate young minds. Join Simon and Sophie as they embark on an adventure in the sky! Sophie is a daydreamer. She believes she has a special gift. She gets a very big surprise in one of her daydreams as her best friend Simon somehow ends up in it with her. They are in the sky and meet up with Star, a sad being who has lost her "sparkle" because her confidence has been stolen. The other stars and clouds embark on an adventure to get Star's confidence back. The Twinkle Twins, Bright, Razzle, Dazzle, Shiny and Sparkle are the beautiful stars who want to help Star. The clouds Clara, Clarissa, Cliff, Clarence, Clive and Fluffy (Fluffy? why Fluffy?) also join the stars and Sophie and Simon on this adventure. Along the way they meet some interesting characters and find themselves in dangerous situations. Find out why the Chloroflurocarbons are so much trouble and why the Ice Queen frightened Star. Join interesting characters, Whirly Winds, Frankie the Sky Fairy, Hamish McMoonbeam, The Professor, CFC's, The Ice Queen the Sun Princess and how they all help her with her search for her sparkle and how friendships are the best sparkle of all. "Being Sparkly is not as important as having friends" "A little Bit of scared is the right amount of scared" Download the songs and sing along as you read this great adventure! Sky on Friday is a story that will remain with you forever.

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Sky On Friday (ebook)


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