Tales Of Demon Conjuring, Mind Control, And Madness (ebook)

Tales Of Demon Conjuring, Mind Control, And Madness (ebook)

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This is every demon’s dream; it’s the perfect possession. What happens to a 23 year old guy who builds a conjuring mirror from an ancient Grimoire called the Goetia or Lesser Key of Solomon? Blood Ritual Monarch spent close to 20 years being ravaged by the demonic forces he sought to meet and control. After almost a decade of horrifying blackouts that can only be described as possession, he began finding notes written to himself. These notes led Blood Ritual Monarch on a journey that would take him into the shadowy world of high-tech black magic; to a haunted old radar tower at the tip of Long Island, NY. Along the way, BRM’s demonic blackouts would intensify and magnetize women who cajoled him into blood-sex magic which fed voracious entities on the astral plane. These rituals opened gateways fueling poltergeist intrusions which put his sanity and life in grave danger. A very brief period of stability allowed him to plan his long-overdue trip to the place where he may have been experimented on as a child. What allegedly happened there over three decades earlier may have turned him into a 'walking demon’ and psychic assassin through the process of layering entities into his auric field. This trip created a psychic maelstrom which led to more chaos and self-destructive behavior. Through a chance introduction online, Blood Ritual Monarch met a woman on the other side of the planet. Five months later he boarded a plane to the Southern Hemisphere; still accosted by malevolent spirits right up until the morning of his departure. Did the demons follow him?.

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