Resilient Survivor (ebook)

Resilient Survivor (ebook)

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This is a story I never intended to tell. It is a somber, excruciating, painful story. After surviving betrayal, deception, and the mysterious death of a loved one, I knew deep in my heart, I needed to write a book about how it is possible to rebuild a life. The incubation period began years ago after my family tragedy. When I looked for guidebooks to help me rebuild a new life infrastructure, I couldn't find any with tips about moving on. I was uncertain how to proceed. As a young widow, I had to learn how to oversee and protect my family. My hope is that others who have been through similar circumstances might be helped by my story so they can move forward with their lives in a positive way. I desire those who have been hurt to know that in spite of difficulties, they can make it. It can take time to find a new way. My experiences taught me many lessons about how to overcome adversity and what happens when ordinary people are compelled to take extraordinary measures in order to confront evil. My children and I were stunned at our circumstances. There was nothing we could do but try to salvage what was left. We became adept at leaving our situation behind us. In triumphing over adversity, the most important quality we can possess is resiliency. It is the ability to be flexible and adaptable. It is a coping reaction rather than a victim mentality. With God's help, we can bounce back after the most devastating of setbacks. I will never be able to completely erase the loss and pain from my memory, nor do I want to. What I want is to learn what I can from it and move forward. I want to encourage others to believe there is hope after loss and provide some insight into how they can get past the pain to find strength and happiness once again. —Marlene Livingston Curry.

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