Mileva Mari? Einstein: Life With Albert Einstein (ebook)

Mileva Mari? Einstein: Life With Albert Einstein (ebook)

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History has not been kind to Mileva Mari? Einstein, the first wife of Albert Einstein. Numerous biographies that have dealt with Einstein have contributed little to a deeper understanding of Mileva Mari? and her role in Albert Einstein's life. This is the first in-depth study of Mileva Mari? Einstein and her complex life-long relationship with Einstein. It attempts to explain why she failed to realize her potential in her own right. It offers new insights into Einstein's private life and character, and brings to light Mileva's role in Einstein's personal and scientific development. This book is based on the correspondence between Mileva Mari? and Albert Einstein. While Mileva Mari? preserved most of Einstein's letters to her, most of her letters to him have been lost or destroyed, along with evidence of her contributions to Einstein's scientific achievements. Those letters that have survived resonate with a compelling voice. Consequently, the author has chosen to let Mileva Mari? and Albert Einstein tell the story of their lives together in their own words as much as possible. It reveals a detailed dramatic picture of Einstein and Mileva, until now unknown to the world. Mileva Mari? was the only woman to enter the Section of Mathematics and Physics at the elite Polytechnic in Zurich in 1896. She was a person of extraordinary intelligence and talent. However, when Mileva met Albert Einstein that year, her fate became bound to his life and ambition. Raised in a patriarchal Serbian family, she was willing to sacrifice her own academic career and even her visibility to the dream of achieving something greater, together. Mileva's decision to put her exceptional talents in the service of Einstein's career led to her invaluable contributions to his scientific achievements. Einstein wrote about her as an "equal" referring to "our new studies," "our investigations," "our views," "our theory," "our paper," "our work on relative motion.

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Mileva Mari? Einstein: Life With Albert Einstein (ebook)


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