The Struggle Of Love - Final Chapters (ebook)

The Struggle Of Love - Final Chapters (ebook)

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S.D.Johnson has known for years that she was destined to impact the lives of others. Her first autobiography, The Struggle of Love, chronicles a long term relationship destroyed by psychological and physical abuse. Her heart wrenching story was well received and started her journey to a second book and the recognition of life changes that inevitably follow self-motivated successful people. Her second autobiography, The Struggle of Love - final chapters, explains in detail why she was predestined to enter bad relationships and make poor decisions. Few people can detail the episodes of molestation and abuse as well as Ms. Johnson does in her new book. She endured countless incidents of rape by trusted family members that started as early as age six. This put her on the pathway to early sexual activity and low self-esteem. Although she could have chosen the role of victim, she describes the love and support of key family members with a sensitivity that pulls the reader towards empathy and understanding. Unanswered questions from her first book, The Struggle of Love, are addressed as the reader witnesses the evolution from abandonment to independence and affluence. Ms. Johnson has moved beyond dire circumstances to become a published author, CEO of Dream Development, LLC, which includes Cameo Bath and Beauty Products; SAC Gear children's clothing line and On Front Street Magazine. In addition, Ms. Johnson and her family will be featured in their own reality TV show scheduled to premiere in 2013. Her gratitude for endurance and success is evidenced by her nonprofit foundation, You Too which donates funds and participates in events and organizations designed to help women in transition. S.D. Johnson – a rags to riches story revealed through the writing skills of an amazing author.

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The Struggle Of Love - Final Chapters (ebook)


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