Unlearning (ebook)

Unlearning (ebook)

Sean Tucker
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My name is Sean Tucker. For much of my life I wanted to be a Pastor in a local church, that is until I actually got my wish. By then I realized it wasn't what I was meant to do, I was meant to be a Prophet. I'm always reluctant to use the word 'Prophet' because people always think of some strange guy, attempting to predict the future, or manipulating lots of money out of lonely midweek, TV viewers, but that's not what these guy were, or are, at all. In the Old Testament they were these cantankerous, odd balls who would walk into the courts of the kings and the priests of their day, and point out where they were off track from their God-given mission. Hosea reminded the leaders about fidelity. Amos griped about how the poor and oppressed were being ignored in society. Malachi had a rant about the anemic sacrifices being offered. Jonah's very life was an object lesson in not reducing God's great mission to one elite people group. And these are just a few. In fact, Jesus Himself looks a lot more like these guys than the religious leaders of His day. He holds nothing back in criticizing the institution for where they are off track. Throughout church history there have been a constant stream of prophetic voices. From St Francis of Assissi, to Luther, to Bono they call the institution of the church back to it's purpose, and we need these voices because apparently we're easily distracted. Richard Rohr (one of our contemporary prophetic voices) says that, "the Church has always needed a 2 party system to keep it honest". This has been the tension between the priests and the prophets; between the institutional leaders charged with maintaining the status quo, and the loyal dissidents who challenge us to be better. It's like the two reins in His hands which provide the necessary lateral tension to keep us on the right track.

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Unlearning (ebook)


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