Poetry Of The Archangels (ebook)

Poetry Of The Archangels (ebook)

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The archangels have told me that they wish to express their own poetic energies into our world. Since I am in contact with them on such a personal level I agreed to allow them to send their words to paper through me. I have felt that their ideas are so beautiful and their insights so unique that they ought to be shared with anyone who cares to know a little of what they are thinking. I have transcribed their poems from the energy field as best I can and in all instances have endeavoured to keep myself out of the readings. All my own words are shown in italics, all energy readings and words from the angels are shown in normal type. I trust that it is only their voice that you hear. I hope you enjoy their poems. It is well to know that all books in "The Mystic Storyteller Series" carry a healing energy embedded in them and that when reading the words the reader, on some level, will experience the kind of healing for them that is in their highest and best interest. The ten angels featured here are the archangels of the angelic realm: Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Jophiel, Rejoice(Raziel), Uriel, Matthew, Muriel, Samuel and Lucifer. They all have their special areas of expertise and in the book you get an insight into their characters and what makes them tick. They have a lot in common with our human realm and we can relate to their sentiments on many levels. The method I use to connect with them is to tap into my own theta brain pattern which also resonates with their thinking patterns, It is almost like a common language. In this state, which is fully conscious, they give me the words they want written down. I am always amazed at what is given to me and often the full picture only becomes clear once the last word is written. I trust that you will turn to these pages often to enjoy their words and insights and know that when you read them the angel author is close by.

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Poetry Of The Archangels (ebook)


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