Felipe And The Three Turtles (ebook)

Felipe And The Three Turtles (ebook)

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Long version : All the people in this book are real except for 2. The Earthquake 12.5 in the Richter scale and the Tsunami more that 120 meters is predicted to happen in Peru some day . This is the story of 3 turtles that travel from el Paso Texas to Arequipa Peru to visit Felipe a 6 years old child, very intelligent , the explosion of the volcano Misti and all the 16 volcanoes need to travel to Lima where an earthquake of 12.5 on the the richter scale begin follow by a Tsunami of more than 120 meters wave, they travel to south of Lima Cañete safe place and arrive to an organic farm with solar energy house . After that a female soccer tournament start in Cañete and the real Peruvian female soccer team win 7-0 to the real USA female soccer team and 8-0 to the real German female soccer team with new techniques done by Erika Barahona and Alessandra Barahona 1.-The Aymaras were the only civilization able to change the weather from cold freeze temperature (-15 C )to tropical temperature in Puno ( 12,565 feets on the sea level ) and able to grow potatoes, corn etc. read how they did it (page 5). 2-The Aymaras knew more that 40 constellations and named and more that 300 stars without a telescope : Planet venus = chaska, Milky Way = khanaq thaki, , Centauro Constellation = catachilla, Orion = wara - wara khawa, etc - (pag 23). For each book sold one book will be donate to 2,000 primary schools in Peru. Help me to reach this donations of 2,000 books for the children in Peru Movie Directors, Investors, Producers , etc this book is filmable in 3D, appeal to wide audience, economical a winner; if we include the China real female soccer team that loss 6-0 ; 2 billion people in China will see the movie "Felipe and the three turtles" the same in USA and Europe , will make money and win an OSCAR.

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Felipe And The Three Turtles (ebook)


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