A Fighter Pilot Looks At The World Upside Down (ebook)

A Fighter Pilot Looks At The World Upside Down (ebook)

Dick Jonas
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This is the fourth in a series of books expressing my observations about humankind, society, and the universe. The content of the books in the series is laid out in chronological sequence. The tidbits of wisdom, called "blurbs," (or vignettes, if you prefer) are headed with four items: a sequence number; the date on which the blurb was made; and a slashed number which indicates the blurb sequence for the day and the number of blurbs made on that day, for example 1/1 or 3/5. On most dates there is only one blurb; on a couple, there were in excess of twenty. Last in each heading is the particular topic in which the blurb fits, of the 15 topics in the series. The sequence numbers allow manipulation in a spread sheet catalog. Topics were assigned as I prepared the books for publication. I gave no thought to topics as the blurbs were written. There is no significance to the sequence; the topics were assigned at random. For example, topic #1 holds no special precedence over topic #15. All topics are addressed in this fourth book. Topic #1, "Birth, Youth, Age, Death," deals with life's temporal chapters. Topic #2, "Civilization," addresses where humanity finds itself today, plus or minus a century or two. It reveals my impressions of how we got where we are, and how we might take ourselves on into tomorrow. Topic #3, "People," deals with the human animal, individually and collectively. It is how I sensed the nature of who and what we are. Topic #4, "Education," is of significance because I spent a goodly portion of my years as a Sunday School teacher, a military flight instructor, a high school teacher, and a junior college teacher. Topic #5, "Geography, Nature, Science," expresses my sense of the physical world and the universe. Topic #6, "Military, War," is an obvious category for a professional military officer. Topic #7, "Pets," addresses the uniqueness of some non-human life. Topic #8, "Politics, Statecraft, the Press, Money," is widely inclusive of public life.

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A Fighter Pilot Looks At The World Upside Down (ebook)


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