The Beginner'S Guide To Retirement - Take Control Of Your Future (ebook)

The Beginner'S Guide To Retirement - Take Control Of Your Future (ebook)

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At last - a retirement guide that deals with more than just the financial aspects of life after work!The Beginner's Guide for Retirement will teach you how to live a happy, comfortable retirement. Written by renowned psychologist Michael Longhurst, it will show you in six easy-to-manage sections the best ways to prepare yourself for life-changing experience of retirement.Many people live for their retirement, but many others dread it. There is no doubt that it can present an enormously stressful turning point in people's lives. Using the practical advice in The Beginner's Guide to Retirement, you can reduce that stress and turn your retirement into the time of opportunity you really hope it will be.The Beginner's Guide to Retirement will take you through the six preparation stages for a long, healthy and happy retirement:Achieving personal fulfilmentMaintaining happy relationshipsEnjoying a healthy diet and exercisePreserving psychological fitnessLearning about the importance of personality and cross-skillingManaging your moneyThe Beginner's Guide to Retirement exposes the numerous myths that surround this time of our lives and explains why so many people are unprepared for it. It examines important areas of life usually overlooked when planning retirement, providing advice on relationships with partners and family, skills in conflict resolution, dealing with issues such as loss, and most importantly, living a full and happy life in retirement. The final chapter deals with one of the most powerful factors influencing retirement-based anxiety, that of maintaining financial stability and maximising existing financial circumstances.Using a combination of checklists, personal anecdotes, question-and-answer sections and action plans, The Beginner's Guide to Retirement lays out exactly what you need to do to ensure a successful, stress-free retirement.

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