What The Bible Says About Humanity (ebook)

What The Bible Says About Humanity (ebook)

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Have you ever wanted to know more of what the Bible says about humanity? These six studies are deceptively short, simple, and clear. Each one can be read quickly, but if you really delve into them – checking the Scriptures, working through the Bible studies, thinking through the reflection questions – you will find a rich study resource. The Bible Themes resource at the end is a useful alphabetical listing of key Bible themes that gives practical and teaching help along with Scripture references. The "see also" cross references are linked within the section. You can use this ebook for personal Bible study or for group study. What does it mean to be a human? René Descartes answered, "I think, therefore I am" – the human distinctive is our ability to reason. Philosopher Kenneth Burke said that the human distinctive is the use of symbols to communicate – language. A less philosophical answer might be that humanity represents consumers to whom advertisers can sell their wares. The Bible, however, tells us that humanity is the summit of God's creation. We are the only beings who may have a personal relationship with the creator. These six studies may seem discouraging because they include the negative side of what it means to be human: our rebellion and fall, our condemnation, our quest for meaning and the confusion that can result without God, and our enemies. But while it is true that humanity is guilty, confused, and separated from God, we are not left in that condition. God has revealed to us his plan for rescuing those who are in rebellion against him.

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What The Bible Says About Humanity (ebook)


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