What The Bible Says About God'S Messengers (ebook)

What The Bible Says About God'S Messengers (ebook)

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Have you ever wanted to know more of what the Bible says about God's messengers? These six studies are deceptively short, simple, and clear. Each one can be read quickly, but if you really delve into them – checking the Scriptures, working through the Bible studies, thinking through the reflection questions – you will find a rich study resource. The Bible Themes resource at the end is a useful alphabetical listing of key Bible themes that gives practical and teaching help along with Scripture references. The “see also” cross references are linked within the section. You can use this ebook for personal Bible study or for group study. God has not released his blessings and his Word upon the world like an unaccompanied parachute dropped from heaven. He has used messengers to convey his blessings and his message. • Angels are created heavenly beings who attend God, acclaim his holiness, and praise his Son. They also give protection and support to God's people. • The patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were the earliest heads of the family chosen by God to receive his covenant blessings on behalf of believers of all generations. • The Old Testament priests were mediators through whom Israelites approached God. They were a picture of Jesus Christ, God's final and perfect mediator. • The Old Testament prophets received messages from God and delivered those messages to God's people. • The apostles were a group, originally twelve, selected by Jesus Christ to act in his name. Certain others, such as Paul, were also recognized as apostles. • Although all Christians are to share their faith, certain ones have been given the gift of an evangelist by the Holy Spirit.

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