The Twisting Of Souls (ebook)

The Twisting Of Souls (ebook)

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'THE TWISTING OF SOULS’ is an emotional roller coastal ride. Christina’s life had been falling apart. She had come to despise Carl, the man who had shared much of her life...a turbulent life. Handsome and charismatic Carl De-vrise, feels the bottom has fallen out of his world. Unable to accept their relationship is over he becomes obsessed with revenge. No longer able to conceal his dark side, the depth of his sardonic passion is for all to see. His turmoil of seething emotion motivates his every attack, with only one thing in mind--to trap and destroy Christina. Diagnosed with a fatal illness he had nothing to lose. His attitude was, even if he ended up dead, what the hell. “If I can’t have you then no other fucker will! And that dwarf you’re with, his days are numbered.” The following 11 months became a living nightmare for Jack and Christina as they became ensnared in the emotional twist of daily onslaughts, perpetrated and executed by Carl De-Vrise. His need to win and have total control underpinned his every move and using a phrase he often expressed “to win you have to know your opponent’s “Achilles Heel”. He certainly knew Christina’s. Endeavouring to survive and outwit the malicious and vindictive actions perpetrated by Carl, forced Christina and Jack to defend and protect what was theirs. “How could she do this!” Was the cry of disbelief from family and friends when hearing that Christina was no longer with Carl. The close family were under no illusion, therefore, under “normal” circumstances, no heed would have been paid to Christina’s exit from the relationship. But this was not normal. Her timing was wrong. Carl had cancer. Enduring 11 months of being stalked and harassed, with fear as their daily companion, the final straw eventually came when “nowhere else to hide” and being shot at-forced them to leave beloved England and flee for their lives. A mistaken phone call intervenes with fate. Christina returns to England.

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