The Healing Dimensions (ebook)

The Healing Dimensions (ebook)

Brent Baum
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In his first book, The Healing Dimensions, Brent reveals his discovery of the principles of "Holographic Memory Resolution®" — a breakthrough in the "emotional reframing" of stress and trauma, which led to his involvement with Oklahoma City Bombing rescue personnel and survivors, as well as the staff of TWA Flight 800 and many other traumas of the last two decades. His success in helping to resolve memory-based pain led to his affiliation with the Integrative Wellness programs of Dr. Andrew Weil at the University of Arizona and at Miraval in Northwest Tucson, AZ. In this work, Brent focuses on his discoveries in the fields of Somatic and Energy Psychology that help to resolve the multidimensional impact of addiction, abuse, and trauma on the psyche. The first half of the book focuses on the principles and strategies that can be employed to free us from memory-based constraints of trauma, pain, abuse, and addiction. The second half of the book focuses on the spiritual impact of trauma and the internal fragmentation that results. One of the greatest breakthroughs in the fields of psychology and integrative medicine came with the discovery by David Grove, a psychologist from New Zealand, that the bodymind pauses perception protectively at the millisecond prior to overwhelm. This moment involves the pausing of feelings and physiology at the instant of overwhelm and creates "state-dependent" memory – trapping us in the pain of the past. Faced with the frustration of seeing his clients relapsing and suffering over such memory-based imprinting, Brent's work was developed as an effort to resolve these powerful memory triggers. In this work Brent relates how trauma from family, educational, and religious systems can contribute to the induction of shame and trauma. Trauma impacts the psyche by "alienating the self from the self." In the experience of dissociation, much energy is lost.

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The Healing Dimensions (ebook)


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