Outing The Moronocracy (ebook)

Outing The Moronocracy (ebook)

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The thirst for truth can never be quenched by the empty and seductive words of Plato, Socrates, Charles Darwin, Karl Marx, Friedrich Nietzsche, Joseph Campbell, or any of their deluded, fawning disciples. And yet, the decadent theories of these very men dominate the minds of today's ruling Cainite Moronocracy. Obama, Oprah, Academia, Apostate Christendom, the National Academy of Sciences, and the Malleable Marxist Media foist upon us their atheism, idolatry, sanctified sodomy, chance human reptile descent, and, in place of our history, their concocted mythology—all deftly mingled and neatly packaged within a coercive statist regime dressed up as the promise of a future manmade paradise. A single chapter from the Book of Proverbs or Psalms puts all their disgraceful and unfruitful philosophies to shame. Our physical survival depends on rainwater. Without rain, what can the earth produce? Without the nourishing Word of God, what of any ultimate value can our minds and spirits produce? We need the rain. We need the One Who makes the rain. To take back America, we need what the ruling Cainite Moronocracy ignores and mocks: the Word of God. Calling those who are part of the Moronocracy blind and stupid is not a childish playground jab at them just because they don't happen to agree with what the author believes. The prideful presumptions that populate their minds prevent them from thinking objectively, and block their ability to discern truth from falsehood. Their shared spiritual blindness and intellectual stupidity is neither occasional nor haphazard, but fundamentally characteristic of how they think and behave: "[V]ain [are] they made in their reasonings, and darkened is their unintelligent heart. Alleging themselves to be wise, they are made stupid" (Romans 1: 21-22).

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Outing The Moronocracy (ebook)


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