Life'S Lessons For The Dad (ebook)

Life'S Lessons For The Dad (ebook)

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Ok dads, so you thought you were the only one who had a boatload of embarrassing, funny and yest sometimes-painful life changing experiences. You will soon discover in this book that we are similar in so many ways. I have tried very hard to write this book the way you and I listen. This book is written to dads. Most of the men i know don't care to sit down for hours and read a book. Maybe i just hang around a slow crowd, but this book is written in a way that boys and men alike find to be just right for the average Joe Blow like me. As in my first book, Life's Lessons for the Hunter, this book takes real experiences and discovers life lessons, and how the whole family can grow. You might want to be alone in your favorite chair when you read this book. I believe your going to laugh and, yes, maybe even an unmanly tear may break out of those callused eyes. Whenever you read this book be honest with yourself. There are some gut checks for you. The world seems to be doing its best to make wimps out of men like you and me. It takes a real man to learn from the mistakes he's made. Read this book and discover how I did on this journey to dadhood myself.

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Life'S Lessons For The Dad (ebook)


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