Boy Farm (ebook)

Boy Farm (ebook)

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"Brianna Wells is the sexiest girl at Justin's school, not to mention the bitchiest. He'll do anything to sleep with her, including letting her tie him down naked to her mother's bed for a little game of teasing and humiliation. She has the boy begging for release, but before she can finish the job, Bree's mother, the sexy dominatrix Sadie shows up. Sending the daughter to her room, Sadie picks up where Bree left off. Helpless and aroused, Justin has no choice but to submit to the woman's hands, whips and other nefarious ""toys."" Justin is left feeling used and violated, but Sadie tells him it's only the beginning. He belongs to her now and to prove it she intends to train him at a special center for male slut training known as Boy's Farm. The young Justin is introduced to a variety of tortures and training techniques there, including pony boy and dog training, cock and ball torture as well as good old-fashioned gangbangs and beatings. Bree vows revenge on her mother for stealing her latest boy toy. With the help of her kinky friend Camille, she devises the perfect plan. Bree will seduce and enslave her mother Sadie's boyfriend, making him her pet bitch. The war is on with the helpless males serving as pawns in this game of goddess against goddess.".

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Boy Farm (ebook)


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