The Foodaholics Anonymous® Guide (ebook)

The Foodaholics Anonymous® Guide (ebook)

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"Hello…My Name is Larry and I'm a Compulsive Overeater." Now you are supposed to say back to me "hello, Larry." I've just told you something I've hidden for many years. • Have you ever thrown food away in disgust after eating more than you intended, swearing never to eat so much again, but then later you pull it out of the trash and ate it? I have…many times. • Have you ever been discriminated against in your business organization and not got promotions or pay raises because of your weight? I have. • Have you starved yourself to lose weight and then when you start to eat normally regained all the weight you lost back…plus some more? I have…many times. By reading This Book and committing to change you will: Stop Compulsive Overeating and Reach your Natural Weight in a Safe, Natural Way! This book will help you: • Learn why ANY diet will work….in the short term, but is SURE TO FAIL • Learn about the biochemistry of appetite. You WILL understand how Grehlin, Leptin and Insulin work together to control your appetite. • Learn the addiction model of food • Identify trigger foods and feelings that spur you to binge or overeat • Learn how stress, anxiety and lack of sleep can have a negative impact on your eating • Learn how to eat with mindfulness • Learn how to use self-hypnosis to control your overeating (no you are not chicken) • Learn to appreciate and accept your body the way it is. • Learn to eat in a structured way instead of reacting to sight, sounds and smells of food. • Stop constantly thinking about food and live life as you were meant to live it. • Learn to use "Doc Grubb's Three Secrets" (#1: Eat the right foods in the right amounts, #2: Exercise everyday and enjoy it; #3: Set goals and write them down) to reach your natural weight.

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The Foodaholics Anonymous® Guide (ebook)


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