Dialoguing The Bible (ebook)

Dialoguing The Bible (ebook)

Kevin Morgan
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Designed for both the serious student and for the simply curious, this book will help the reader to gain a thorough understanding of how the Bible evolved from a collection of oral works and written works into the highly recognizable book of today. Dialoguing the Bible contains both fictional dialogues and historical facts that will allow the reader to not only grasp how the Bible developed, but also why. Don't just learn about the history of the Bible, FEEL it! The title, Dialoguing the Bible actually is pretty descriptive. For each major category within the Old and New Testaments, there are dialogues between several people, mostly scribes, relating to the subject of the chapter. The subtitle, "FEELING How the Bible Came to Be" provides another key clue about the contents of this book. The book is not meant to be just another history of the Bible book; it is also meant to portray some of the emotions involved as well. Most of the books on this subject do a great job of detailing who are the authors of the various books of the Bible and the circumstances of their writing efforts. However, they tremendously miss the mark when it comes to why these authors wrote and what emotions they were feeling. In a way, many of these books failed to really tell the stories or human drama behind the facts they are trying to present. History is so much easier to retain in our memory when we can feel the emotions behind the historical events. It's like the difference between reciting the words to the song versus feeling the hurt, joy, sadness or fear behind the words. My goal with this book is to get the reader to go beyond the collections of historical facts and get a sense of what the historical people were feeling. This book uses fictional conversations or dialogues between various people, mostly scribes, to dig behind the surface information to get a sense of the emotions involved.

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Dialoguing The Bible (ebook)


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