The Wicked Truth About Love (ebook)

The Wicked Truth About Love (ebook)

Suzanne Ross
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And they lived happily ever after...Fantasies, Myths, and The Wicked Truth About Love Does the search for the "love of your life" keep turning up empty? Been in one too many dead-end relationships? You say you haven't found your "soulmate" – you're not even sure what a soulmate is. If you've ever asked yourself "WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?" – you need to know the truth, the wicked truth about love. Many of us grow up believing that the man/woman of our dreams will magically appear one day, bells will ring, sparks will fly, and the two of us will ride off into the sunset together. According to human relations expert Suzanne Ross, if you believe this, "you must have fallen asleep reading a Harlequin romance or during a Love Boat repeat. It's time to wake up and stop dreaming!" In her book, The Wicked Truth about Love: The Tangles of Desire, Suzanne Ross explores the path we take to finding "true love", but while love may indeed be true, the path is crooked and faulty. Why? Because if love is a mystery – and that's okay – humans are also a themselves! – and that's not quite so good. We all operate under the false belief that we are free - thinking individuals who know our own mind, and act independently. The sad reality is that far too few – if any of us – actually fit this description. The choices we make, the reactions we have, the ideals and attributes of our "perfect mate" are actually the product of outside influences that condition our emotions, direct our goals and desires, and impact our responses. In The Wicked Truth About Love, Ross illustrates how the wiring of the person we think we are but really aren't begins from birth and continues all our lives. What gets us into trouble is our uncanny ability to deny that we are influenced by others.

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The Wicked Truth About Love (ebook)


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