The Call Goes Out From The Cetacean Nation (ebook)

The Call Goes Out From The Cetacean Nation (ebook)

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"We are the Cetaceans, your oceanic brothers and sisters, here to work along with you to preserve and care for our home on earth. We are here in our full consciousness, waiting patiently for Earth's children to bloom into the caretakers you were meant to be. We are all connected as one." The Call Goes Out is a series of messages channeled from the cetacean species - whales and dolphins. This book graphically spells out why they are here on Earth, how they work with extraterrestrials, and how we humans are interfering with their mission. They make an impassioned plea for us to stop whaling and cease using fishing nets, and also to free whales and dolphins in captivity. Readers will have their eyes opened to the rich culture and family life of another intelligent species on this planet. The Call Goes Out is a simple, direct plea from the heart to stop killing those who are trying to help us. Greetings from my sea aquarium in Miami. I am Lolita – your friend and compatriot, communicating to you. I, and all Orcas, are here to help humanity become aware of themselves and aware of the consciousness of all life forms. We Cetaceans are here to bring forth all of Earth's history to humans at this time. All the records we have kept stored within our massive brains are due to be released and transferred to humanity at this time. However – please note that at this crucial time when humanity should be connecting with us to receive these memories, the Navy escalated its war on our species by blasting us with sonic sound waves to confuse, disorient, and still our voices. We have been committing suicide by beaching ourselves in ever increasing numbers because we have been unable to tolerate the war that's being waged against us. We are connected to the vast network of Christ Consciousness Beings in the galaxy. We are connected by radiating our love out to the Universe and connecting to the Grids of Light that plug Earth into our Galactic Communications Center.

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The Call Goes Out From The Cetacean Nation (ebook)


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