How To Get A Record Deal (2016 Version) (ebook)

How To Get A Record Deal (2016 Version) (ebook)

Wendy Day
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How To Get A Record deal is for anyone interested in being part of the music industry, whether as an artist, singer, rapper, DJ, or producer. It explains: -the ins and outs of getting signed to a record label, -what it takes to stand out in today's music environment, -the types of record deals that exist today (360 Deals, artist deals with leverage, joint ventures, and distribution deals), -the differences between an independent record label and a major label, -what labels look for in an artist, -what artists should look for in a record label, -the pros and cons of signing to an artist owned label, -an explanation of recording contracts, the qualities needed to succeed, -the current state of the urban music business, -how to build an incredible buzz. Talent, alone, is not enough to attract a record deal. The market is over saturated and talent is relatively easy to find today. MANY artists have talent...but they lack the other things that make artists successful (strong work ethic, ability to self-start, an understanding of how the music industry works, etc). In order to attract a record deal, the artist must stand out. Sending music to record labels isn't enough to get a deal. Having a great connection in the industry is not enough to get a record deal. Opening for famous artists in concert is not enough to get a record deal. Having magazines, blogs, or newspapers write about you isn't enough to get a record deal. Having a huge amount of views on YouTube is not enough to get a record deal. Yet these things are what artists do everyday thinking it will get them signed to a record label so they can become a star. How To Get A Record Deal dispels the myths and explains in a factual manner how to attract a record label interested in helping the artist succeed. Getting signed to a label isn't the main goal for any artist--creating a successful and long lasting career is the goal.

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How To Get A Record Deal (2016 Version) (ebook)


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