Mystic Witness (ebook)

Mystic Witness (ebook)

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Mystic Witness is one man's journey into the miraculous world of don Pablo, a unique spiritual mentor who embodies active mysticism to help heal the Earth and its inhabitants from traumas, such as wars and natural disasters. Historically protected by secrecy, this wisdom is now revealed in a universal manner, free of ethnic, cultural, and religious tethers. Through deep listening, active mysticism directly engages the Sacred via interactions with the subtle energies of the natural and spiritual worlds. This practice extends beyond personal development and the worthy goals of social and environmental activism; it leads to a life of mystical service. In these challenging times, our Earth is ailing from neglect and abuse, and global ecological disaster remains imminent. Humanity is suffering from social trauma, environmental toxicity, chronic spiritual malaise, and alienation from the natural world. Are these dire conditions of the Earth and humankind related? Mystic Witness strips away the shroud of mystery to reveal an ancient and profound relationship with nature and spirit that demonstrates how humankind may begin to reverse our serious mistreatment of the planet. Don Pablo's teachings and healings blend sacred knowledge from a vanished mystical lineage, once deeply rooted in Central Europe, with shamanic traditions found in the Peruvian Andes and Southern Mexico. This knowledge has been systematically suppressed or destroyed by Western civilization over several centuries and may be in danger of extinction. Mystic Witness illustrates forgotten possibilities of living everyday life in an interactive relationship with the Sacred and in harmony with the forces of the natural world. Active mystical presence integrates the cognitive mind with our instinctual body wisdom, and creates a state of "embodied sacred awareness.".

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Mystic Witness (ebook)


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