Color Of Lies (ebook)

Color Of Lies (ebook)

Abbe Rolnick
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In the Skagit River Valley-gateway to the pristine Pacific Northwest wilderness-vegetation, birds, and people are inexplicitly dying. Does the river carry pollutants from illegal waste sites? One elderly bully's spiteful lies have trapped her victims in a toxic web: • JoAnne, a former World War II pilot is wheelchair-bound from a youthful accident and sinister secrets. • Maria, JoAnne's niece and professional pilot, masks the unresolved pain of childhood abandonment. • Spencer, a young organic vintner, suspects the rich valley soil has been polluted by undocumented wastes. • Russell, a spunky 95- year- old ham radio buff, intercepts curious messages that provide clues to the decades-long cover-up. Lies, even the little white lies told to protect themselves and each other from the past, suddenly conspire against them as the valley's secrets unravel. Threatened with exposure, the perpetrator resorts to more malicious behavior, and her victims must join with the community to stop her and save the valley. All must face difficult truths in order to halt the accumulation of more than one kind of toxic behavior. Color of Lies is a story of challenge and triumph over demons both personal and environmental, inviting us to explore with its characters the nature of truth, trust, and accountability. Praise for Abbe Rolnick's previous novel, River of Angels: Rolnick weaves a story of tangled relationships and intrigue on a tropical Caribbean island where everyone is struggling, sometimes within themselves, to make a life….This is a great debut novel, and I look forward to her next book. - Chuck Robinson, Co-Owner of Village Books, Bellingham, WA Atmospheric, intricately plotted and fast paced, River of Angels is a dive into an exotic, dangerous and sultry world. - Shelley Ring Diamond- published in Outside, Stanford Magazine, Entertainment Tonight, Los Angeles, CA.

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Color Of Lies (ebook)


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