Tree Talk (ebook)

Tree Talk (ebook)

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Just as the Cetaceans are the Earth's Record Keepers living in the Oceans, do you know that the TREES are the Record Keepers living on Land? The Trees comprise a "vast underground communication network" system that transmits information so that all Trees, everywhere on Earth, know instantly all that occurs. They are Living Libraries embodied in bark that we, as humans, can easily "tap" into (note the term "tap root" — we can tap into their vast library). Their "line" is always open to us, so tap into it — they are eagerly awaiting our call. They are waiting for us to acknowledge them as the TREE PEOPLE. For uncensored worldwide news and answers to any question, Hug a Tree — it not only saves paper, but their lives as well. We Trees Are Record Keepers We are the Trees. We, too, are Record Keepers. Our branches are layered with information. Our leaves are recording plates that capture your words and actions as you walk by. You can talk to us and we will record your words, even your nuances of speech. It is like turning a dial on a recording device and you talk into it. We are better than that, since we don't run on technology — it is built into us. Our leaves look thin to your eyes, yet hold volumes of information that appears automatically to you in vision and sound when you "switch on" to us. We are self-contained books holding the records of the Earth. As our leaves sway to and fro in the wind we are sweeping the ethers and picking up pertinent information that is necessary to sustain life. It is all encoded, and you can easily break the code. We can answer any question you ask, if you just learn to hear us. We speak loud and clear to your heart — not your ear. We Trees comprise a vast underground communications network that records all events and is privy to all that is about to occur. If you want to know what is going to happen anywhere on Earth, just stand next to one of us, put your hand on our trunk, and ask your question. We will answer.

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Tree Talk (ebook)


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