Ransomed Earth (ebook)

Ransomed Earth (ebook)

Les Coalson
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The unfairness of American politicians to bow to the pressures of special interests and big business at the expense of the environment becomes too much for PROFESSOR ALBER GREENE. After Senator JARED KERR slips language into a bill that deeds environmentally sensitive land to a friend who owns interest in mining companies. Dr. Greene assumes the persona of Ina Maka (Lakota for 'Mother Earth Spirit') and convenes a band of guerilla activists on three continents to simultaneously kidnap children of high government officials. Either parents support environmental laws or their children may die. LING DOM, Minister of Tourism in the Three Parallel Rivers World Heritage Park of China, wants to halt plans for mining and dam construction. His plan to kidnap the daughter of the American Ambassador fails and he is being sought by the authorities for her death. Wounded by the police, Dom flees into the mountains where he is rescued by MR. ZANG, a member of the Naxi minority. Dom is drawn too TAYOU, a former student who admires him. Dr. Greene is depressed with Dom's failure, but holds out hope plans in Ecuador and in Colorado will succeed. He is having an affair with a graduate student, TERESE DEE La FLEUR which keeps him focused. Paramilitary police follow Dom's blood trail to the Naxi village. They grill Dom and decide to take him back to Kunming when he escapes. He is presumed drowned by the authorities. He remains with Tayou, becoming her lover according to Naxi tradition. MARCOS MORALES, son of the senior staffer, Senate Appropriations Committee, JOZINA MORALES, is kidnapped while on an eco-tour in Ecuador. KAYLEIGH WESTERVELT, daughter of PHILLIP WESTERVELT, Vice-President of the United States, is taken while on a horseback expedition in the Colorado Rockies. Dr. Greene sends hostage demands to Jozina and to the Vice President. The Ecuadorean government opened the ancestral homelands of the Shuar, legendary head hunters of the Amazon, to oil and mining exploration.

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Ransomed Earth (ebook)


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