The Secret Of Difficulties (ebook)

The Secret Of Difficulties (ebook)

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On October 10, 1988 Charles Fleisher was the passenger in the 300ZX, driving over 100 miles an hour, being chased by a New Jersey State Trooper. It ended abruptly when he was thrown from the vehicle over 100 feet breaking his neck and receiving a permanent spinal cord injury. In the Secret of Difficulties Mr. Fleisher shares what he's learned about taking challenging situations and turning them into opportunities. He shares remarkable stories of individuals from different walks of life that found opportunities they wouldn't have had if they had not decided to overcome their challenges. Throughout history individuals, companies and groups have been spurred by difficulties. Sir Winston Churchill, once commented that, "a pessimist sees the difficulties in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty." Individuals profiled in this book include the actor Michael J. Fox. He turned his diagnosis of Parkinson's disease into an opportunity to raise over $200 million for Parkinson's research and George Foreman, the heavyweight champion of the world, who was knocked out, and was motivated to start a youth Center to serve thousands in his community. The book outlines a four step process that each remarkable individual used. The awareness Mr. Fleisher has received from living with paralysis has led him to believe that anyone can potentially use difficulties. They can begin by first clearly identifying one or more difficulties, imagining a solution to the challenge, making a plan, and taking consistent action. This book will provide an outline for anyone to get started.

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