Loving Life...All Of It (ebook)

Loving Life...All Of It (ebook)

Amy Camie
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The loss of a loved one, a job, a relationship, or a diagnosis of a serious illness triggers feelings of fight, fear and self-protection; reactions that resonate with our primal desire to survive. For years, Amy Camie has brought peace and comfort to those facing stressful life circumstances through her gift of music. Her solo harp CDs have been used in pilot research studies indicating how they increase brainwave function, support the immune system and reduce pain, distress and anxiety levels.In December 2010, Camie was diagnosed with breast cancer and chose to walk her journey differently. "Loving Life…all of it," is her reflective and inspiring memoir about how to live life fully and honestly from a place of inner peace, joy, acceptance and love. Having walked a spiritual path for over 25 years with her husband, John, Camie's unique understanding of this time of transition and awakening of ancestral patterns of behavior provided a universal perspective from which she interpreted her experiences. In "Loving Life…all of it," Camie shares how she compassionately acknowledged old memories and embraced them without judgment as they presented themselves during her treatments. Her journal entries and insightful life lessons illustrate how self-love and honest exploration go hand-in-hand to speed the healing process. Each chapter concludes with a gentle step-by-step guide encouraging the reader to take time to reflect and acknowledge their own thoughts and feelings. Camie, a recording artist, professional speaker and founder of the Scientific Arts Foundation, effortlessly weaves her knowledge of vibrational awareness and spiritual wisdom into her daily walk with life. As her beliefs expanded, her compassionate self-love grew and her discovery of purpose strengthened from within.This book is a gem in the midst of chaos, confusion and fear. It offers readers renewed hope and inspiration regardless of their life circumstances. I am impressed at the power of transformational thinking! Rachel Borson, MDMedical OncologistConventional and complementary medicine can work together to make a cancer journey easier, but often the spiritual, deeper meaning of the experience is lost. This book helps patients find the freedom to create their inner journey, and offers them a path to follow to bring hope, love and peace as they go through treatment. It is essential reading for anyone going through a cancer journey. Margaret D. Coplin, MD, MSMedical OncologistI believe that this story can help others face such a journey. It shows how such apparently tragic events in one's life can be turned into a positive experience…out of bad can come good.David G. Mutch, MDDivision Chief, Gynecologic OncologyWashington University School of Medicine Rather than "suffering" through her cancer diagnosis and recovery, Amy chooses to utilize each treatment and side effect as an opportunity to heal old wounds, to realize her inner completeness. She invites us to practice self-awareness, acceptance and mindfulness when facing challenges, gently inviting us to embrace ourselves full on as an alternative path to negativity and blame. Charli Prather, MSW LCSW OSW-CBoard Certified Oncology Social Worker/TherapistWhat a gift of healing and life incorporated in this beautifully created work. Only through the experience and opening up to the gift of breath could this book be conceived. Experience it with an open heart. Merry Schlegel RN, HC-BN, CHTP, OCNCoordinator of Inpatient Integrative Medicine Amy Camie has been a pioneer in composing, performing and researching the role music plays in healing our bodies. This wonderful and totally honest book plots her hazardous journey through the traumas, and surprising insights, encountered in the ensuing months. Written as a personal journal, it is both easy-to-read yet profound. Robin KellyMedical doctor, researcher, multi-award-winning author, TEDx presenter and musician.

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Loving Life...All Of It (ebook)


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