Merlin'S Son (ebook)

Merlin'S Son (ebook)

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Merlin's Son is a book fabricated using the genre of historical fiction. Meteor was the only son of Merlin, the celebrated alchemist and advisor to King Arthur and mentor to William the Conqueror (French: Guillaume le Conquérant), the first Norman King of England. Meteor was born 23, March AD 1066. His namesake was derived from the occurrence of a prodigious shooting star seen in the sky on the night of his birth. It would betide that the shooting star that was observed was the 18th reappearance of Halley's Comet in known human history. Meteor was born with a large red birthmark on his face. The lore at the time was that the red spot on his face was precipitated when his mother, while pregnant, caught a glimpse of the flagitious Red Dragon as mentioned in Beowulf mythology and Arthurian legends. As a young boy, Meteor incurred dreadful burns. Merlin treated these burns with a hastily prepared alchemistic remedy, which healed the burns, but for reasons arcane to Merlin, turned his son's skin cobalt blue and stopped his cells from changing over time. It was as if the sea of his blood was frozen in the year AD 1075. From this time on, Meteor would always have the body of a boy, and would never be able physically to mature into a man. He would cease to age! Meteor was indeed eternally trapped within the body of a prepubescent youth, yet he was still mortal and might experience death like everyone else from an accident or a fatal disease. Meteor, over time, would incur celebrated wisdom and attempt to apply his erudite knowledge to benefit mankind and especially children with special needs. The saga begins just before the beginning of the 21st Century. Meteor is almost millennial in age himself and befriends Ryann, a five-year-old girl who has just lost her father to a tragic and unexpected death. Ryann begins writing this memoir four years later at the age of nine as an assignment for her language arts class.

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