The Synthesis Revolution (ebook)

The Synthesis Revolution (ebook)

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As the first nation to be founded on a set of ideas, America has achieved a level of growth and success over the past two and a half centuries that is unprecedented in human history. From the very beginning, our Founding Fathers' tireless efforts to lay the foundation for this immense prosperity were driven by an intensely passionate and highly productive debate over how we could, both individually and as a nation, improve the world around us, confront our challenges most effectively and provide a better life for our children and future generations. Over the past two and a half decades, however, America has become increasingly driven apart by ideological polarization, partisan divisions, and the influence of special interests. As a result, our current political dynamic, the way that we make critical decisions about the form and function of our governing institutions, has lost much of the focus on solving difficult problems and finding new forms of improvement that energized, unified and inspired the earlier debates. The Synthesis Revolution provides the framework to comprehend and to fully understand how America has generated all of this tremendous progress and prosperity and how we can overcome the current barriers to even greater advancement by restoring the focus of our public discourse back to productively pursuing solutions and transforming our society by substantially improving the way that we make political and economic decisions. Over the past two centuries, humanity has achieved more advances in science, medicine, technology, and prosperity than in all other historical periods combined. This permanent upward shift in development began in the early Modern period by overcoming the narrow, one-dimensional thinking of the medieval era and by adopting a method of objective observation and analysis.

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The Synthesis Revolution (ebook)


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