This Is Not Your Father'S Job Market (ebook)

This Is Not Your Father'S Job Market (ebook)

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Do you have what it takes to get hired in today's job market? The world of job searching is a vastly different place than it was just ten years ago. Today's generation of college graduates are dealing with a whole new ball game – a perpetually weak U.S. economy, increased competition from overseas labor, and new technology that has changed the way we find jobs. In this unique guide, Winston Kotzan shares with you strategies for succeeding in today's job market developed from the perspective of Generation Y. Unlike most other job hunting guides that are written by people on the other side of the table, This is Not Your Father's Job Market draws on knowledge from successful job hunters who have perfected their strategies by trial and error as a job candidate. Winston, who graduated from business school at the onset of the Great Recession, incorporates the job seeking wisdom obtained through his own job search and those of his peers. The beginning chapters provide guidance on the problems unique to students entering the job market for the first time – such as the dilemma of experience and choosing a decisive career path when so many avenues seemingly lead to a dead end. You will also learn how to perfect the art of job seeking by building an extensive professional network and using it to harvest solid job leads. And of course, the later chapters coach the reader on how to interview by explaining what to expect and demystifying the mixed messages that are sometimes delivered by potential employers. This is Not Your Father's Job Market is a critical guide for every college student or recent graduate who intends to be successful in finding a job.

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This Is Not Your Father'S Job Market (ebook)


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