Why Wait (ebook)

Why Wait (ebook)

Carol Mann
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Dying is not “the end.” What is it like to die? What happens afterward? What do loved ones on the other side want to tell us about life and death? How can we benefit from their afterlife wisdom? Souls who have passed over, are just as eager to communicate with us as, we are with them. Their expanded perspective in the afterlife is an untapped resource for comfort, healing, information and strategies for living better here and now. This extraordinary true story of clairvoyant Carol Mann and the compelling wisdom for living from those who have passed over is an intimate collaboration between “this side” and the “other side” of life. Why Wait combines inspiring personal reflections from Carol's life with a compelling selection of transmissions, brimming with insight and wisdom, from the souls of real people of all ages who are no longer with us. Each chapter also includes a Why Wait Meditation based on the transmissions to experience greater fulfillment in our lives. Author Carol Mann has been offering soul readings to her clients for decades—accessing information from their soul and sharing insights on their past life history and present life's purpose. When her brother perished in a commercial airline crash fifteen years ago, it inspired her to communicate with his soul to heal her grief and learn more about life after death. Carol refers to this work as “transmissions” from the other side. The experience was so profound she began offering this service to clients who had lost loved ones. These transmissions from the other side are offered to allay fears of dying, ease the loss of loved ones, and give us sage advice for improving the quality of our lives here and now, from the greater awareness and perspective available to souls no longer alive in our reality.

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