Spirit Aflame: Heartbeats From The Mountain (ebook)

Spirit Aflame: Heartbeats From The Mountain (ebook)

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Everything in life seems to have an impetus, a pivotal thought or focus, a "charge," if you will. Our Women of Grace Writers knew we were being led by God to write a devotional, but some of our thoughts seemed to sound so superficial. However, after much prayer we found our motivation in the addendum to the book "Max on Life," by the renowned Christian author Max Lucado. Max says: "…John was God's revealer. So John wrote. So did Paul…Titus needed direction; the Ephesians needed assurance. Timothy struggled; the Corinthians squabbled…So Paul wrote them. How he made music with his words. He turned epistles into concert hall sheet music…Paul didn't write for the ages; he wrote for the churches. He wrote for souls. So did Luke…What prompted Dr. Luke to exchange his scalpel for the pen, the crowds for the quiet corner? When did he perceive his assignment as a kingdom scribe? We wondered because we've wondered if God would use us to do the same…Well-written words can change a life…Written words go to places you'll never go…and descend to depths you'll never know…So accept the invitation…Pick up the pens left by Paul, John, and Luke, and write for the souls…They show us how…"* Accordingly, it is our prayer that we have faithfully taken Max's words to heart and that you, our readers, will be blessed by our obedience. Lifting as we climb, The Women of Grace Writers *Reprinted by permission. "Max on Life," Max Lucado, 2010 Thomas Nelson Inc. Nashville, Tennessee. All rights reserved.

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Spirit Aflame: Heartbeats From The Mountain (ebook)


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