Hope For The Violently Aggressive Child (ebook)

Hope For The Violently Aggressive Child (ebook)

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The main purpose of this book is to offer effective treatment options for an urgent problem in America—children with episodes of violent aggression. The diagnosis of bipolar disorder in children has soared. That trend has been controversial and has presented many unanswered questions, particularly when a child's problems primarily involve "violent meltdowns" rather than mania or depression. American children diagnosed with bipolar disorder in recent years should be re-evaluated for an altogether different condition that I call "adrenaline system over-reactivity." This condition is related to immaturity rather than a mental disorder, and it can be treated with medications that have fewer side effects and less intrusion on a child's mental function than the medicines prescribed for bipolar disorder. It is fundamental to understand the relationship between aggressive behavior and immature adrenaline reactivity in order to treat the behavior effectively. Thus far, treatment strategies—including medical, behavioral, and dietary approaches—do not directly address the adrenaline-based reactivity that causes the behavior to escalate out of control. A broader purpose of this book is to increase understanding about how adrenaline system activity impacts behavior in general. I would like to focus attention and encourage research on a question that modern medicine has not been asking: "What is the role of adrenaline stress in behavioral medicine?" This is an important direction for the future of behavioral science, particularly in children, whose physical and mental maturation is vulnerable and incomplete. Human aggression is directly related to activation of the body's adrenaline systems. Adrenaline activity is a natural physical response that can produce threatening, attacking, agitated, or violently aggressive behavior in times of crisis or extreme danger. Certain children have immature over-arousal of the adrenaline systems.

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Hope For The Violently Aggressive Child (ebook)


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