Atlantis (ebook)

Atlantis (ebook)

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EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT EXPOSES ALL IN A BREAKTHROUGH NEW BOOK. This is a once ever global event that will change our world forever.Many out there won't want you to read this book, because knowledge and truth are dangerous. This book is a must-read for every singe person who wants the truth. There is nothing like this book on the market. This is NOT a work of fiction. Atlantis is not a myth. Nor is it a lost continent. Atlantis - which represents a superior race of humans that originated from another planet, and which established us on this planet - presently exists on two fronts: a mother ship settled in the Atlantic Ocean, and a growing colony settled in the Pacific Ocean. In this book, the author exposes the truth about not just Atlantis and its connection to the Bermuda Triangle, the Great Flood, and the Egyptian pyramids, but the future, and the physics of space travel. Its author claims that long ago this race of humans artificially inseminated a virgin woman, who gave birth to the most controversial figure of our past. Subjects also covered include: the future, space travel, propulsion physics, inter-dimensional travel, telepathic communication, cybernetic technology, governing structure of a superior society. Many are wondering about what the end of some ancient calendars means. Our forbears were told of the day that we would enter into a new phase of our evolution. This new phase marks the end of imposed darkness and ignorance, and the beginning of a new era of understanding of who we are (our blueprint), what happens to us after we die, and what is out there in the universe. As impossible and as far-fetched as it seems, we are the generation that is being presented with the truth. Of course, there is no way we could know that it is only when a planet reaches a certain stage in its technology that it is deemed ready to belong to the community that unquestionably does exist out there in the universe.

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