Responding To The Supernatural Suddenlies Of God (ebook)

Responding To The Supernatural Suddenlies Of God (ebook)

Paul Jackson
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Responding to the Supernatural Suddenlies of God is an invitation into a lifestyle of progressive encounters with God. Using the inspiration of Biblical figures and current day supernatural experiences, Paul amplifies the invitation of God's visitations to, "Come. Follow Me." Introduction to Supernatural Suddenlies I have been part of the fellowship at Kingdom Life Centre (Park Ridge Baptist Church) since 1978 and pastoring here since 1997, but the discoveries of this book start in 2001 as we began to experience God in ways we were not familiar with. Over the years we have continued to experience many things with God for which we had no frame of reference. Each encounter has expanded our understanding and experience of God as we learnt that He was inviting us into what He was showing us. Over the last several years I’ve watched and read about people who like us, have experienced supernatural encounters with God. Our tendency to describe such encounters as ‘sovereign’ is usually an attempt to say that they were not initiated by man. This is often a good and accurate description but can carry with it an assumption that what God has done could not be initiated by man. This book is an attempt to help us see God’s ‘sovereign’ moves as an invitation into a lifestyle that we were previously unaware was available. God’s ‘taste sample’ if you will, of something He hopes you will add to your regular menu as you feast with Him. The journey you are about to take will have you traveling back and forth through time as I draw parallels between the life of Obed-Edom around 1000BC and parts of the Kingdom Life Centre journey since 2001. It is my prayer that by the end you will have remembered many of your own encounters with God and felt His invitation to come follow Him into the fullness of that experience at a lifestyle level. Paul Jackson.

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Responding To The Supernatural Suddenlies Of God (ebook)


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