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Emma Hill
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"In every life there will be a twist that cannot be humanly foreseen. This was mine and I had to reach out and follow the instincts that were bound to keep me alive...." One man's vacation turns into the challenge of a lifetime when out of tragedy, something more powerful becomes the façade of his existence. "You need to forget about that time in your life, honey. Those memories will only every cause you pain." She pulled her withered old hands away from the illuminated ball and rested them on mine. I pursed my lips as I responded. "I can never forget about something that you say is impossible, while there are loose ends untied in my heart. This 'new life' that I have pitifully attempted to create is surreal because I'm only hiding from my past." I pleaded so desperately that the tears escaped from my eyes. "That's because you're still holding onto a small thread of hope that will someday form a string that will take you back to where you really want to be." She peered into my eyes and I felt myself sink further into the chair. "It's too dangerous for you to go back there and you know that. Silly girl." She shook her head and smiled sympathetically at me, a dimple in her cheek appearing. "Is he alive?" I tightened my grip on her hands. "Please, it's all I need to know." My eyes burnt harshly as the question escaped from my lips. "You know I won't say that, I don't want to be the one who you blame if my visions are wrong." She rubbed the top of my hand with her thumb and her eyes sharpened. "What does your heart tell you honey?" "It's telling me yes." I pleaded again. She leaned back in her ruffled chair and looked at me more intently than she had ever done before. "Well then, how does the old saying go?" She squeezed my hands tightly and then steadily met my gaze, waiting for my answer. My mouth didn't move as I leant closer and for a moment, I could almost feel the energy pulsating from her. "Always believe your heart enough to trust that it's correct.

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