Praying With Power (ebook)

Praying With Power (ebook)

Bruce Hills
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PRAYING WITH POWER: How to Engage in a Deeper Level of Personal Prayer by Praying the Scriptures by BRUCE HILLS: 'Praying the Scriptures’ is often one of the least understood and most overlooked expressions of prayer. To delve into the Word of God and allow the Word of God to delve into us requires immersing ourselves in Scripture until Scripture permeates our prayers. This intentional integration with God’s Word leads us from the shallows of superficial prayer to the deeps of intimately discovering God in fresh and profound ways. PRAYING WITH POWER will inspire and empower you to reach unhindered dimensions of effective prayer. What others are saying: Rev. Bruce Hills’ ministry and leadership have always been passionate, marked with clarity of teaching, keen prophetic insights with apostolic authority and inspiration. His book, Praying with Power - How to Engage in a Deeper Level of Personal Prayer by Praying the Scriptures, will inspire and lift your prayer life to a different level because; he has experienced the power of it through every season of his personal life and ministry. Rev. Ong Sek Leang, General Superintendent, Assemblies of God of Malaysia and Senior Pastor, Metro Tabernacle, Malaysia. Pastor Bruce Hills has produced what I believe will be a very popular handbook on prayer. This is a must read for any who understand the importance and power of prayer, who want their prayer life to go to a whole new level. This easy to read book is a powerful tool that highlights simple principles that one can easily learn and apply. John Elliott, International Director, World Outreach. Bruce Hills has authored a much-needed book on praying the scriptures. Many Christians struggle with daily prayer often because they see few answers. Praying with Power, shares great insights on how praying the scriptures will result in more answers to prayer.

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