Unlock Holmes: Space Detective (ebook)

Unlock Holmes: Space Detective (ebook)

John Denison
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It's been 200 years since the most famous detective of all, Sherlock Holmes, stalked criminals through the streets of London. Now Sherlock is back in the guise of his great(x10)-grandson, twelve-year old Unlock Holmes. When Unlock's parents disappear from their Penthouse Apartment, Unlock is forced to move in with his Aunt Kathy, better known as Mrs. Hudson. She lives in a modest pod on Bakersfield Avenue but within two weeks of Unlock's arrival, the street's name is shortened to Baker and her number changed to 221B. Unlock converts his new bedroom into an office, and because he no longer lives on the hundred and twentieth floor, he hangs out a shingle that reads, Unlock Holmes: Space Detective. While Unlock awaits the arrival of his first client he continues to go to school online, relying on his irregular computer, Wiggins, to keep him abreast of developments. Then one day, a most extraordinary event happens in the vacant lot next door. Instead of another boring pod being delivered, Unlock wakes up to the sound of not one Relocator whomping its blades above him but four all thumping away. When Unlock focuses his camera skyward he spies a giant brown rectangle being lowered. The four corners of the rectangle are curled up like the brim of a hat. Down the rectangle comes until it covers the whole of the vacant lot next door. Now that Unlock can see the upside of the rectangle he is even more amazed. Right in the middle stands a large box with a funny peaked roof. Unlock has never seen anything like it. He points his camera at the strange box and hits Research. Typical Earth dwelling common to humans around the year 2000. Called a house. Glass windows allowed inhabitants to see out without using cameras. And, if that's not enough excitement for one day, just as Unlock's phone rings, out of the house runs the girl (wild) who will soon be Unlock's partner in crime. Her name? Wendy Watson. "Unlock Holmes, how may I help you?" "This is Detective Les Trade.

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Unlock Holmes: Space Detective (ebook)


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