Eating Myself Crazy: How I Made Peace With Food (And How You Can Too) (ebook)

Eating Myself Crazy: How I Made Peace With Food (And How You Can Too) (ebook)

Treena Wynes
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An information toxic cleanse in a neat little package... We humans have an emotional dependency on food. We eat chocolate when we're sad or depressed, but most of us don't know why it makes us feel better when we do.It's not a long-term solution to coping with the stresses of life, and can end up causing more stress in the form of unwanted weight gain and other health problems. In Eating Myself Crazy, former bulimic, lifestyle consultant and life coach Treena Wynes not only tells her story of food addiction and how a personal crisis sparked her path to recovery, but also shares valuable information for others struggling with emotional eating issues. A handy and intimate guide told in plain English, this pocket-sized book first shares simple easy-to-swallow bites of important mind/body facts, then encourages the reader to dig deep to uncover deeply hidden reasons for seeking out emotional relief in food. Finally, Treena offers simple and flexible strategies that can be used to suit any individual's lifestyle and needs. An experienced and active coach, speaker, workshop trainer and blogger, Treena's goal is to help empower people to overcome their dependence on food to cope with stress, and to do it in a way that demystifies, simplifies and de-jargonizes the vast and often conflicting barrage of information we face in today's information bloated society. KEY AUDIENCES: People coping with emotional eating issues; people with compulsive eating disorders; parents/caregivers of those suffering from binge eating; people wanting to lose weight; people looking for stress coping mechanisms. Demographics: Mature women (30-60); obese men (30-50); teens (13-18), Pre and post bariatric surgery clients (35-50).

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Eating Myself Crazy: How I Made Peace With Food (And How You Can Too) (ebook)


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