Death In The Forsythia (ebook)

Death In The Forsythia (ebook)

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A mild-mannered accountant is found dead in the shrubbery, stabbed in the heart with a small garden implement, at Sandalwood's local garden center, Green Horizons. For Marilee Bright, whose second career as garden center owner was expected to be less stress-inducing than her previous corporate career, things have suddenly become stressful. Since the murder weapon belonged to the garden center, some of Marilee's employees are suspected of killing the plant-loving number-cruncher. Even worse, will this be the end of her growing business, with customers making tracks for other garden centers to fulfill their perennial needs? Not one to let the seeds of her future be sown for her, Marilee sets out to find the murderer, clear her employees' good names and get her career plans back on track. In the first of the Garden Plot Mystery series, Marilee uses her investigative skills, resources, contacts and a little bit of snooping to learn and link crucial information to help stymied police catch the killer and solve the crime. This book will delight readers looking to fill a dreary winter day with memories of colorful summer blossoms and gardeners enjoying a well-deserved weeding break. "A refreshing fast-paced mystery. Readers will find themselves wondering what murder and mayhem Andrea Zanetti will have blooming next in the garden of mystery." - Valleywood Book Club.

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Andrea Zanetti
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Novela - Narrativa
Novela Española e Hipanoamericana
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Death In The Forsythia (ebook)


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