Dying To Be Born (ebook)

Dying To Be Born (ebook)

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Dying to be Born takes a complete and comprehensive view of reincarnation and how it works. This book traces in step-by-step detail the stages between death and being born. It answers the questions of why and how we reincarnate. By understanding the progression of life after death, it will help dispel the fear of the unknown that death presents for most of us. The book examines the entire circular process of the soul’s spirit-learning from aging through death and after death. It then reveals the complete sequence of the incarnating soul from pre-conception through the in-utero fetus and into the new life after being born. It shows how life’s learning and the many stages of the dying process assist the yearning soul to reincarnate. It also describes the many steps of gaining inner wisdom - from aging to death and the recapitulation review of one’s life immediately following death - as in 'My life passed before me’. The book shows how, with the release of the astral body and the liberation of karmic attachments, the next steps opens the doors to unbridled possibilities in preparation for the next life. Clearly explained is how the 'seed of the spirit’ transitions from the past, with all its wisdom, into the start of the next life. It shows how the incarnating spirit guides conception and the stages of pregnancy through the densification of the fetus, to the new birth and reincarnation. The book also looks at how one’s many past-lives affect the incarnating soul and prepares itself for birth and new life experiences. Included in the reincarnation progression are 'spirit-agreements’ made with other souls before the final covenant to incarnate in the first trimester of pregnancy. Then, reflecting the evolution of the planet’s past and in conjunction with the soul’s karma, a new earthly body is built in-utero.

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