Ashen Skies Of Vietnam (ebook)

Ashen Skies Of Vietnam (ebook)

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Ashen Skies of Vietnam begins in 1965, early in the Vietnam War. Capt. Clay Evans is an Air Force pilot with ten years of loyal service. His squadron has transferred from its stateside base to Saigon for a one-year tour of duty, the culmination of many long deployments that destroyed his marriage. His adversary is the war and, in a related way, his superior, Major Frick. Clay and his close-knit crew fly the Lockheed C-130 Hercules, a multi-purpose, turbo-prop transport (that is still in production). The sturdy "Herk" plays a vital role in the story. Clay is a "good soldier," ably performing his nation's bidding by flying troops and cargo into airfields throughout the country. But as the war intensifies, as he witnesses the horrors inflicted by both sides, and as he gains respect for the Vietnamese people, his feelings change. This transformation is shown in a series of vignettes, such as the night the sky erupts in blazing colors: a thunderstorm, he thinks, before realizing that a B-52 raid is blasting distant forests into matchsticks and incinerating every living thing in its path. Yet in bustling Saigon, the Pearl of the Orient, life seems unaffected by battles raging in the countryside. Clay enters a tennis tournament and advances to the finals, where, to his surprise, his opponent is a Vietnamese ("half my size and twice my age") named Huang. The match becomes a battle of American power versus the Vietnamese's wily tactics. Clay races to an early lead, but—like a portend of the war—in the stifling heat he wilts, and Huang prevails. Later, Clay visits Huang's home. An engineer, educated in California, Huang designs bridges. He shows Clay photographs of his works, some that have been destroyed by the Viet Cong, and others—including his "masterpiece"—by American bombs. Gordo, Clay's friend from college days, undertakes a clandestine mission to drop spies inside North Vietnam.

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Ashen Skies Of Vietnam (ebook)


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