Intwinition Of Murder (ebook)

Intwinition Of Murder (ebook)

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Phil Brittenbeck, an identical twin from Portland, Oregon uses his inner twin tuition, or inTWINition to find the clues to help track down the killer of his beloved twin brother, Jerry. Jerry's track record with women wasn't very good. Jerry's marriage ended after only four short years. The next real relationship was well, not real at all. In his twin brother's opinion, Jerry always picked the wrong girl to fall in love with. Enter his newest flame, Karen Phillips, a beautiful blonde California girl. What could possibly go wrong? Jerry Brittenbeck was a well-established reality television producer and was found dead in his swanky Las Vegas casino hotel room. The police quickly ruled the death a drug overdose, Phil wasn't convinced. The clues were not adding up and there were at least two women with enough motives to want see the reality producer dead. In what started as a textbook death investigation was turned upside down and cracked wide open when Phil began communicating with his twin from beyond the grave. Phil was able to get clues the police either missed or tried to avoid seeing all along. The ability to communication between twins, or not, itself was put on trial. Was Phil just a grieving nut job or was he really communicating with his dead brother in Heaven? And what would the legal ramifications be in this case if some of the evidence was between these twins who were communicating and conducting their own parallel investigations, one in heaven and one on earth ? All Phil Brittenbeck knew was that the more he dug into the rushed investigation the more he realized his inTWINition said it was murder.

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