I'Ll Smile Tomorrow: Lessons Learned (ebook)

I'Ll Smile Tomorrow: Lessons Learned (ebook)

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I'll Smile Tomorrow: Lessons Learned begins with a violent present day prison riot where the so called "Blacks" and Hispanics no longer see eye to eye. Their long lasting peace treaty was breached and when the smoke cleared, H. Keith McAdams was accused of rioting and assault on a New York State corrections officer. Handcuffed, beaten, and thrown in the box, Mr. McAdams finally found the time to contemplate his life and the many trials and tribulations that molded his perceptions. Ultimately this led him behind the menacing walls of someone's prison. Like the work of a diamond miner, the author H. Keith McAdams digs into the shadows of his soul and learn lessons that are divinely related to every obstacle and all misfortunes he encountered. Throughout the book, you will notice his disregard to his parent's instruction and expectations. Despite reading about adolescent intimacies, school yard brawls, indefinite school suspensions, drug addiction and distribution, gang affiliations, homelessness and a fascination with firearms, there is a stimulating love story hanging by a piece of thread. I'll Smile Tomorrow is brilliantly sub-titled Lessons Learned. Within this spellbinding dialogue are multiple buried lessons which makes this book an absolute page turner. So, was Mr. H. Keith McAdams' new viewpoint on life just a crutch to get him through his prison term, or upon his release will he reign victorious over the many temptations that awaits his return? Fasten your seat belt, because this ride will make you laugh, cry and holler but most of all it will make you pray that the little boy on the book's cover will make it through the fire which he clearly initiated himself.

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I'Ll Smile Tomorrow: Lessons Learned (ebook)


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